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Hybrid Solar System

Our rooftop solar implementation overseeing the magnificent mountains of El Metn serves the basic needs of 2 households. It is a hybrid 4KVA solar system that powers the lighting, fridges and other primary necessities.

El Metn, Lebanon

Residential Solar Water Heating System

An innovative residential heating scheme that supplies the adequate heating temperature for every household. The system is fully automated and equipped with a backup that functions on diesel or electricity.

Maarakeh, Lebanon

Grey Water Treatment System

An exceptional project built upon the strategic partnership with CEWAS. This mobile tiny house paved the way for IGT to scale the ripples of impact into the sector of water and energy, which is facing massive challenges especially in the Middle East.

Wattwil, Switzerland

Aquaponics System

An autonomous solar-based aquaponics system that utilizes solar energy, offering 30% productivity increase upon 60% saving in required space for planting, and 40% water savings.

Baakline, Lebanon

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